OAK trees from Forde Abbey will be donated to help with the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral after a devastating fire.

The fire began in Paris on April 15, taking with it part of France’s history.

The building’s spire and most of the roof was destroyed during the blaze.

But a whole host of people have come together to offer an array of help - with Forde Abbey offering wood.

The Chard-based abbey has teamed up with other historic houses to offer the timber which values around £100,000.

The abbey joins more than 100 other donor sites, including Powderham Castle in Exeter, Firle Place in East Sussex, and Holkam Hall in Norfolk.

Each site has pledged the trees, planted for timber centuries ago, to rebuild the iconic landmark’s roof.

Given that the construction of the original roof in the twelfth century is estimated to have required 1,300 mature oaks, the donors are well aware their contribution could only provide a fraction of what’s needed, but they hope the gesture will inspire others.

Alice Kennard, owner of Forde Abbey, said, ‘The fire at Notre Dame is a terrible tragedy and it is important that we stand united and help one another in times of need.

“It’s a reminder of how important it is to both look after and renew our heritage resources, and very much looking towards the future, we will replant every tree we fell.”

The trees, from sustainable forestry and already destined for use as commercial timber, are estimated to have a combined market value of more than £100,000.

But the generous donors know the trees will go towards rebuilding something ‘money alone can’t buy’.