DID someone get caught short outside this building in Taunton town centre?

A resident of Castlemoat Place in Corporation Street, who wished to remain anonymous, said 'she could not believe her eyes' when she came home at 10pm on Thursday (April 25) to find a large pile of poo outside her Taunton home.

The resident reported the issue to the building managers, Blenheims Estate and Management Ltd, on Thursday but has not received a response from the company.

She said: "When I got home and saw the big pile of poo lying there I could not believe it, its disgusting that someone - or something - just pooped on the floor and left.

"I was with two of my neighbours when I saw it, they were both in shock.

"We thought it was human poo but we can't be sure.

"Initially we started laughing as we could not believe it was there but after a while we became quite uncomfortable as it is right below the keypad which you have to press to get into the building and it smells terrible."

She said the poo is still outside the building and she hopes Blenheims will clear it up soon.

"It unsanitary and disgusting and poses a health risk to everyone living in the building.

"If someone steps in it it will go through the building and make it smell.

"I hope Blenheims remove it as soon as possible as it is a hazard to everyone who lives there."