THERE are three candidates in the running to be Chard Crimchard's district councillor.

There is a Lib Dem, a Conservative, and Chard's only Green Party district council candidate.

Residents will vote on May 2 for their representative, with one of the three being elected.

On the same day you will be able to vote for your town/parish council candidates.

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Opinions given below are those of the candidate or their party.

Martin Carnell, Liberal Democrat

Martin Carnell is keen in representing your views when it comes to housing projects and ensuring challenge where needed over the lack of supporting infrastructure.

Actively supports local charities in the provision of crucial mental health services at a time of increasing mental health need.

Martin is promoting positive health and wellbeing by raising money for and leading projects within the community that benefit local clubs and young people. 

Chard swimming pool.

Chard Liberal Democrats will guarantee the building of a new swimming pool in Chard.

Electing Liberal Democrat District Councillors will ensure that the pool is a priority project.

Safeguard youth services.

In the face of irresponsible Conservative Government and County Council cuts to our funding, Chard Liberal Democrats have been campaigning to keep Chard Young People’s centre open.

Improve our environment.

We are working with local groups to reduce our carbon footprint and have ambitious plans for electric vehicle charging ports and battery technology.

Most council buildings have solar panels already.

Tim Eggins, Green Party

Deciding to stand for election was an easy decision to make.

The district has been fought over for decades by two parties with the general public now being aware of the impact of climate change it only seems right that there is a person to represent them.

I feel that my enthusiasm, commitment and imagination will be an asset to the council.

I stand for inclusive decisions that benefit all residents.

Ensuring the environment is protected whilst guiding sustainable and future-proofed development.

Defending and re-building public services working with all key stakeholders to re-think public transport.

Making it accessible and affordable to a wider section of south Somerset.

Prioritising health and maintaining peoples’ independence, thus improving community spirit and cohesion.

Supporting renewable energy projects and boosting the installation of electric vehicle charging points across the district.

Finally to re-double efforts to protect the area against the effects of climate change.

Margaret Twidale, Conservative

Margaret is standing for District and Town in Crimchard Ward. She farmed in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire before retiring to Somerset.

She worked as a contractor visiting farms, for a number of years and became very interested in horticulture, and holds a Certificate from the Open College Principles of Horticulture, as well as being a member of the local Horticultural Society.

As a member of The Royal British Legion, Chard Branch, Margaret took on the local caseworkers calling duties.

Also, always interested in all health matters, she was asked to represent her local Chard Surgery on the Somerset Engagement Advisory Group, and is also a regular attender at the Somerset User Engagement Group.

Margaret previously had eight years previous experience of serving as a Councillor on South Somerset District Council, and wishes to bring that experience to bear once more.