ON May 2, the United Kingdom's voters will head to their polling stations once again.

This time, residents across South Somerset are voting for their district councillors and their town/parish councillors.

In the build up to the election, we will be publishing profiles of those candidates in the running to be district councillors.

These are the candidates vying for the one position to represent the ward of Chard Avishayes.

Opinions given below are those of the candidate or their party.

Ryan Jones, Conservative

Ryan is standing for District and Town in Avishayes Ward.

At 25 years old, he describes himself as young and enthusiastic.

Ryan’s employment is within the hospitality and catering industry, and he also works part-time in a bookshop. 
Having been born and raised in Chard, along with most of his family, it is of utmost importance to Ryan and his absolute priority to see our town do well.

With your support his aim is to help move Chard into an exciting and prosperous future, and one in which all of its residents will benefit.

Cath Morrison, Independent

I would like to be the Councillor for Avishayes Ward because I feel that there is a lot that could be done in the ward.

Also there are a lot of big plans for the town coming up.

The regeneration in the town centre, the new leisure centre.

People’s veiws need to be put across and plans need to consider the regeneration of the town centre.

This will help to increase footfall in the town and make it a more vibrant place to visit.

Also there is a need to promote the town a lot more to encourage people to stop and shop, look around at our history.

There is money at District that needs to be spent in the ward of Avishayes and I will do everything I can to get this used before it is lost

Garry Shortland, Liberal Democrat

It has been my privilege to serve the people of Avishayes ward as district and town Councillor for the last 4 years.

Over that time I have helped many residents in various ways.

I feel very strongly about Chard and Avishayes ward with the help of all of you we can obtain the best for everyone.

We are fortunate to have the reservoir on our doorstep and play areas which need some more facilities especially for the disabled which people have asked for.

It is important we provide facilities for all and I am keen to improve the skate park with the help of the users.

I am proud to be a stakeholder for the regeneration of Chard and will push until it is finished.

If elected I would like to set up a Avishayes Ward residents group to meet regularly to raise issues.