DRIVERS near Chard are looking to start a campaign calling for a new chicane to be installed on a ‘frightening’ section of narrow road.

District councillor Andrew Turpin is calling on members of the public to contact him if their cars have been damaged in collisions with other vehicles on B3162, between Chard and Forton.

Cllr Turpin was inspired to take to the streets after hearing one of his constituents had lost two wing mirrors in a matter of weeks.

“Between Forton and Chard is a very narrow section of road,” said Cllr Turpin.

“A couple in Forton have asked if I can help. The husband has lost two wing mirrors and had to repair them and I have seen evidence that at least three other mirrors have been smashed.”

The couple in question are Bob and Anne Goody, who have lived in Forton for 20 years.

Bob said: “I had only had the car for about two weeks.

“I had parked right into the hedge and lost a mirror from the off-side. I managed to pick up all the pieces and I was fortunate it was just the mirror that needed replacing, not the whole thing.”

However, Cllr Turpin said he cannot call for changes to the road layout based on a few small incidents and needs more people to come forward with their experiences.

Mr Goody added: “It has definitely got worse, especially over the last two years. They keep building more and more houses.

“I suggested to the council putting in passing points. Maybe if you had a couple of places like that - two would do it.

“At one stage we had a caravan that collided while driving in the direction of Chard and I came up behind and thought ‘What is that thing doing up in the hedge?’

“It is quite frightening at times to be honest. It feels like some drivers just shut their eyes and hope for the best.”

The stretch of the B3162 Forton Road that Cllr Turpin is looking at is between the first speed bump on the way into Forton, and the 30mph speed limit sign heading into Chard.

“I know it is quite hazardous for pedestrians and motorists,” Cllr Turpin added.

“If we can get a few people to get in touch with me then we can make that case to Highways. It shouldn’t be that expensive.”

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