AN AWARD-WINNING blogger with more than 120,000 followers, a former BBC News chief correspondent, and a Labour Home Secretary are all coming to Ilminster this year.

The three well known writers are among the headliners for the Ilminster Literary Festival 2019.

Now in its fourth year and still growing annually, the event is set be held from May 28 until June 6.

This year’s big names include parenting blogger Jo Middleton - better known as ‘Slummy Single Mummy’.

Jo is a Somerset based blogger who has been working on her website since 2009.

This year will also see her launch her new book, Playgroups and Prosecco: The Misadventures of a Single Mum.

She will be joined by Kate Adie, chief news correspondent for BBC News for 14 years, and Labour politician Alan Johnson.

Linda Piggott-Vijeh, festival trustee, said: “As an avid reader, I am always keen to discover more about the lives of my favourite authors.

“This is where local literary festivals come into their own, providing the opportunity to get up close and personal, hearing about the key events that have shaped their lives, what makes them tick, where they get their plots and ideas from.

“For Ilminster’s upcoming lit fest, my fellow trustees and I have been working tirelessly to ensure the authors on this year’s programme continue to delight, amuse, entertain and inform our diverse audiences.

“This is no easy task, especially when it comes to getting on-board those ‘heavy-hitting’ authors with an international reputation.”

Another popular author set for 2019’s event is Lynne Truss, who is best known for her book on grammar, Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

Linda added: “In deciding who we would like to invite as speakers, we aim to include popular local authors to speak on a wide range of topics.

“In doing so, we rely on the valuable feedback we receive from our loyal supporters who attend the many events we organise.

“We also try to ensure that the variety of speakers on offer appeals to the widest possible audience, enabling the festival to continue to grow and prosper.

“As a registered charity we do not seek to make a profit from the festival but are always mindful that we need money in the coffers to fund the best speakers.”

More details are set to be revealed at a later date.