A WINSHAM woman said she ‘had a lucky escape’ after her car was written off in a suspected hit-and-run incident.

Ceryn Bartley said she was travelling down the B3162 near Horn Lane, in Forton, at around 4.30pm on March 11 when a car narrowly missed two girls on horses and a van, and hit the driver’s side of her car before speeding off.

The 52-year-old said her car has been written off and she was ‘very lucky’ to escape without serious injuries.

She said: “I was driving home and I was nearly in Winsham and I noticed that there were two girls on horses in front of me so I slowed down.

“A car came hurtling down the road around the blind bend, saw the horses and slammed their brakes on.

“They only just missed them and a van that was just behind them but they continued down the road, lost control and hit my car on the driver’s side.

“They didn’t even stop to check I was okay - they just drove off.

“Their bumper fell off and was left on the road. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t know what to do.”

Ceryn is ‘thankful’ a first responder took control of the situation as people could have been seriously injured.

She said the incident left her shaken and is calling drivers to be more careful.

Ceryn said: “It was really, really lucky that no-one was hurt. The girls on the horses were pretty shaken up after the crash, the car only narrowly missed them.

“I would urge everyone to take care on the roads as there are some idiot drivers out there.

“Everyone who came and helped us on the day was so kind and I would like to thank them for their help.

“I have had a number of lovely messages from people since I posted about the crash on Facebook and it is nice to have community support.”

A police spokesman confirmed officers attended a fail-to-stop collision on B3162, Forton, on March 11.

Police recovered a bumper from the offending vehicle from the scene and made checks with ANPR cameras.

The car had been reported stolen and recovered on March 13.

Police want to hear from anyone who can give a description of the driver of the vehicle, a blue Ford Focus.

To help, call 101 with reference 716 of March 11.