DILLINGTON House near Ilminster will be joining forces with the Royal Society of Arts to offer a one-day seminar exploring nuclear power generation and surrounding issues.

The RSA has put together a panel of experts, including John Earp, president of the British Nuclear Energy Society, Jan Pentreath, International Commission on Radiological Protection, Mike Parker, British Nuclear Fuels and Becky Ferris, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.

They will also be joined by Richard Mayson, EDF Energy and Steve Thomas, University of Greenwich.

The panel will cover a range of areas including radiological hazards, environmental protection and the future of nuclear energy in the UK.

Visitors will have a chance to learn more about the issues and ask the experts any questions they may have.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday (October 16).

Tickets are £25, and include a finger buffet.

For more information call Dillington House on 01460-52427.