A MAN who was thrown out of a Taunton pub following a fracas with two other males inside then returned and smashed a widow after hammering on it to get back inside.

Robert Wesley Stafford Rowe was in the Winchester Arms with a woman when the two males became abusive and resulted in an argument.

The defendant was ejected from the premises but kept returning and banging on the door and window to get in - and eventually broke a pane of glass.

Rowe, 23, of Chantry View, East Coker, appeared in the dock before District Judge David Taylor, sitting at Yeovil.

He pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a plate glass window belonging to the Winchester Arms pub on October 27 last year.

Emma Lenanton, prosecuting, said that Rowe was in the pub with a female when an altercation occurred between him and the two other men.

“It was believed that one of them had been abusive to the woman he was with, but after he was asked to leave he kept returning to the pub,” she said.

“He continued to bang on the doors at 10pm and then started banging harder and harder on the windows until a pane of glass was smashed.”

Rowe was then chased and eventually detained further down the road until the police were called.

The value of the window was estimated at £100 and the court was also told that Rowe was currently subject to a crown court community order and a conditional discharge.

Defending solicitor Neil Priest said that this was not a deliberate case of damage but said Rowe had tried to get back into the pub as he had left a bag of his belongings inside.

“The door was locked and he couldn’t get back in, however, he did accept breaking the window and admitted he was in drink at the time,” he said.

District Judge Taylor told the defendant there was a significant pattern in his behaviour centred around anger, alcohol and emotional resilience.

He fined him £300, ordered him to pay £50 compensation to the Winchester Arms and imposed £85 costs and a £30 surcharge.