A VIRAL illuminations sensation which drew crowds to a home in Chard has raised more than £700 for charity.

The Christmas lights display was set up by Chard dad Martin Yandle at his house in Henson Park, with the show set to one of 2018’s most listened to songs, Baby Shark.

Attention started to grow after Mr Yandle posted a video of his eye-catching lights and it started to be picked up other websites.

The video was later shared by the viral content site ‘Lad Bible’ and has since been viewed more than 12million times.

The whole thing was done in support of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, and this is the fourth year he has carried out the festive fundraiser.

Mr Yandle said: “I have been blown away by the generosity of everyone who has donated at such an expensive time of year.

“People have travelled miles to see my display, and it’s been amazing to read people’s comments.”

Martin initially put up the lights to amuse his children and decided to set the lights to song after watching a YouTube video of an American house with synchronised lights and music.

The Baby Shark song was part of a 15-minute display, and people had to go up and press a button for the music to kick in.

“It took me right back to my childhood of visiting houses with my family, and I thought I have to do this. So I created a display that has grown every year,” he added.

“I’m basically overwhelmed to have had so much support from everyone including my friends, family and neighbours.

“I have started thinking of ideas to enhance the display next year.”

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance thanked Mr Yandle for his ‘very generous donation’.

They added: “The charity requires funds of more than £3.5million per annum to continue our vital service, so your donation is very much appreciated.

“Since our launch we have carried out more than 12,500 missions, helping those in need across Dorset and Somerset who are in life threatening situations.”

Mr Yandle’s passion for lighting also sees him assisting with groups including CLOKS, Cloverleaf and CES.