A SCHOOL in Chard has sent a letter warning all parents after a man "approached a child in an inappropriate manner".

The incident took place earlier today (January 9) and is believed to have been near to the grounds of Avishayes School.

Clare Rinaldi has sent a letter to all parents, which has since been shared online.

In it, she said: "We have been advised today that a man has approached a child in an inappropriate manner, close to the school.

"Please be extra vigilant when you are in the area, particularly if you see anything you feel is not right, and report it to the Police.

"A reminder to your child about the "danger of strangers" would also be helpful."

Sarah Chant has two daughters who attend Avishayes, and said this is not the first time they have received such a warning this school year.

She added: “I have two daughter's aged 10 and eight. They walk to school together. It terrifies me that something could happen within a five minute walk to the school. So I will now be walking them for a while."

Chard & Ilminster News:

The latest letter sent out by Avishayes School

Sarah said the first incident was in September 2018. The second incident occurred in December 2018.

Talking about the second occurrence, Sarah said: “My girls had told me that the police had been to the school about a man on the outskirts of the school property taking photos of the children.”

She also said she plans to call the school to complain about the ongoing problems.

Sarah added: “I am going down to speak to someone in the morning. As a parent I would like to think that we could have some police patrolling at the time kids are walking to school, but that's not going to happen.

"So I will just make sure they are safe by taking my own and keeping a look out for suspicious activity.

“They said it does worry them and they don't feel safe.

"But then they feel that the teachers have also tried to raise awareness within themselves on how to deal with stranger danger.”

Chard & Ilminster News:

The letter sent out by Avishayes in September