BBC Points West presenter Alex Lovell said seeing her stalked jailed signalled the end of her "nightmare".

Miss Lovell was reacting after Gordon Hawthorn, who threatened to rape her in one of a series of cards he sent her, was sent to prison for two and a half years.

In a statement, she said: "Today's decision shows those being stalked or harassed can come forward and will be heard.

"If there is one positive I can take from this ordeal, it is the messages from people who've said that seeing the court case unfold has given them the strength to do something about their own situation.

"Stalking can happen to anyone and can take many forms, but please don't wait until the situation has become extreme to tell someone who can help.

"The nightmare is finally over and I'd once again like to thank my friends and family, BBC colleagues and police for all their help and support."