A CHARD man who went on a drink and drugs binge to help with his pain at facing a foot amputation went berserk with a hammer, smashing a number of windows at a block of flats.

Jason Lee Hooper then started hitting his own head with the hammer in frustration and threw the weapon at another window which went through it completely and narrowly missed hitting a woman inside.

When police were called to the scene and arrested him he said he had been nine out of 10 on a scale of drunkenness and went on the binge after arguing with his wife.

Hooper, 43,of Hocken Close, appeared before Somerset Magistrates in a wheelchair after since undergoing surgery to have part of his left foot removed.

He pleaded guilty to damaging a number of windows worth £615 belonging to Liverty Housing at Chard on August 27.

Prosecutor Ben Winzer said that a witness was walking along Hocken Close at 3.50pm when he heard the sound of smashing glass and saw the defendant with a hammer stood inside a block of flats.

“He was smashing the windows with a hammer and at one point threw the hammer straight through one of them, narrowly missing a lady stood on the other side,” he said.

“Another witness had seen Hooper hitting his own head with the hammer and when the police attended the defendant made full admissions and was cooperative with the officers.

“He said he smashed all the windows and during interview, said he was nine out of 10 drunk and had taken some drugs and had an argument.”

Mr Winzer said the offence was aggravated by the fact that Hocken was in drink at the time and had used a hammer.

Defending solicitor Ray Peters said that Hooper had offended many years ago but had kept out of trouble for a considerable period of time.

“He committed this offence after consuming some whiskey, which he does not normally drink, and then foolishly smoked some heroin,” he said.

“He said he took it because he was in so much pain with his foot and has now had half of his left foot removed along with his little toe on the other foot.

“He had an argument with his wife after drinking the alcohol and drug cocktail and then acted in the way he did.”

He said the offence was out of character for Hooper and he regretted what he did but claimed it had been done out of frustration.

The magistrates told the defendant that although it was a serious offence, especially with the use of a hammer, they had taken into account his ill health and gave him a one year conditional discharge.

They also ordered him to pay £615 compensation to Liverty Housing along with £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.