A INSPIRATIONAL seven-year-old from Ilminster fought back from a hospital bed to organise two fundraisers and collect hundreds of pounds for charity.

Alfie Green was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago, and spending time in hospital he has now organised two discos for the Josh Evans Trust Fund.

Alfie, a pupil at Greenfylde School, raised £333 for the charity, which was founded in memory of a Somerset man and supports people with diabetes.

Julie Green, Alfie’s mum, said: “Alfie started off by wanting to do a disco at the garden centre.

“A few people came to that and he went around and raised money, but then he said lets raise more money by doing a disco at school.

“He wanted to raise money for people with type 1 diabetes because he has it himself. He organised it all - getting the posters sorted out, inviting people to come, they even had a little buffet at the side.

“All in all, with the money he collected at the garden centre and what he raised from the school disco, he collected £333.

“It is a really, really good amount of money.”

Josh Evans was a young diabetic man from North Petherton, Somerset, who died after suffering a hypoglycaemic attack while driving.

His parents, John and Tracy Evans, set up the trust fund to help support others with diabetes, specifically children and their families in Somerset.

Julie added: “I spoke to Tracy Evans from the trust fund and she was overwhelmed by what Alfie has done.

“It was all his idea, he is only seven years old and he has raised this money all by himself.

“It is absolutely amazing and I am super proud of him.”

Also at the disco was another Greenfylde pupil who has type 1 diabetes, Kelsey.

Julie said: “It is amazing that a seven year old boy wants to sit down and raise some money. He started doing it on the computer, and organised the event at the garden centre and a few kids turned up to that, and then he did it at school.

“It was brilliant, and it was all how he wanted it. There was a buffet in there and squash and they all got a sweet on the way out.

“The children all came out smiling and their parents said they all had a great time.”

Tracy from the Josh Evans Trust Fund will be visiting Greenfylde School soon so that Alfie can present the cheque to her.