A ‘DANGEROUS’ serial criminal has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of his tenth armed robbery.

Dion Kevin Levy, 40, of Queen’s Crescent, Stoke-sub-Hambdon, carried out two terrifying raids within five days of each other in January of this year.

In the first attack, he burst into Martock Post Office and pointed an imitation firearm in the face of the branch manager, Charlotte Gordon.

Levy made off with £4,616.25, and struck again five days later wielding a knife at Yetminster Post Office, where he added to £750.65 to his haul.

The court heard that Levy, who appeared via videolink from prison after previously pleading guilty to two counts of robbery, had in the past been sentenced to a total of 16 years for eight robberies, three years for burglary and fraud and nine months for escaping from prison.

Judge David Ticehurst said: “It is clear that it was a severe relapse of ADHD combined with the reuse of cocaine that caused the offences this time.

“On January 4, you robbed Martock post office of £4,000 with an imitation firearm, although those you threatened had no idea if it was a real gun or not.

“You pointed it straight at her face. She thought she was going to die. That was no doubt your intention.

“The effects of your robbery are appalling. She is suffering from anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.”

The court also heard that the second offence was committed while they were serving an 81 year-old customer.

Judge Ticehurst added: “You didn’t care about the effect on anyone who crossed your path.

“These are your ninth and tenth instances of robbery, and your first of these was committed while still under supervision.

“There is no doubt these offences were greatly influenced by the use of cocaine, exacerbated by your ADHD.

“It was, however, your choice to take cocaine and you must bear the consequences.

“I am under no doubt that you represent a significant risk to the public. You are undoubtedly a dangerous individual.”

Dion Levy was sentenced to life in prison with a term of 14 years.

The minimum sentence he can serve is seven years, but he will not be released until agreed by a parole board with conditions.