A WINSHAM couple are celebrating after reaching another milestone in their lives.

Michael and Mary Hebditch saw in their 70th wedding anniversary at a party with their friends and family on Saturday, September 29.

The couple, who live at Street Farm, near Winsham, say having a big family has kept them going over the years.

The spearheads of the family had seven children during their marriage, which has now lead to 13 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren.

Mr Hebditch said: “There’s a fair number of us, we really enjoy having a big family.

“We’ve been through some tragedies in our lives as a family, and it brings you together.”

Michael, 91, and Mary, 90, got married in 1948 at St Mary’s Church and went on to have their honeymoon in Guernsey.

BEGINNING: Michael and Mary on their wedding day

Asked for their advice to a long marriage, they replied “we are surprised ourselves”.

Michael added: “You’re going to have a row or two. Time goes on and things change, you’ve got to adapt.

“We’ve definitely had a busy life together.”

Mary was born and bred in Chard but Michael comes from New Cross near South Petherton.

“I was always known as Mary’s husband,” he said. “She knew everyone, then when my children grew up I was their father, never Michael Hebditch, but it made me so proud.”

The pair moved to the farm in 1951 and have been there ever since.

One of their daughters, Liz, said: “My parents met at a dance in South Petherton in December 1945.

“Mum and dad moved to Street Farm near Winsham in December 1951. For their honeymoon they were able to stay in Guernsey with the family of dad’s sister-in-law.

“We celebrated at their party with around 100 friends and family members.

“I asked mum and dad for a quote for the secret of a happy marriage and their response was ‘we are very surprised ourselves’ – which is typical of their sense of humour.”