A COUNTY farm near Ilminster which made headlines after the tenant fought to save her home is set to be sold off this week.

Oxenford Farm, which was run by district councillor Sue Osborne and her husband David, will go up for auction at the Shrubbery in Ilminster on Thursday (September 27).

The site is going to be put up in five lots, with the council retaining 50 acres.

Conservative Cllr Osborne has been heavily critical of the county council's handling of her case.

She previously said: “The day the ‘for sale’ signs went up was a black day for open government."

She also hit out after she asked questions and was told she would need to submit a Freedom of Information request.

She added: "She added: “It shows how difficult it is for the general public to ask a straight question and get a straight answer.

“We are supposed to be living with a system of open government, this is not North Korea."

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “A decision was made by the council in 2010 to sell these farms.

"All of the properties and land that will be put up for sale are surplus to the county council's requirements and will raise much needed funds in the region of £4.9m.”