THE much anticipated unveiling of two new defibrillators for Chard town has taken place.

After months of fundraising, the life-saving equipment has been installed in three separate locations.

One is mounted on the wall at Chard Rugby Club, along with a plaque, in memory of Andy Killeen, who was a Chard Community First Responder for 10 years.

Donations from Andy’s funeral, along with donations from the responder department at South West Ambulance Service, helped pay for the equipment.

Chard & Ilminster News:

The second defibrillator was unveiled at Chard Baptist Church, which was kindly donated by the Rotary Club.

A third defibrillator is scheduled to be installed in Chard, however, the Chard Defib group are waiting for the landlords permission to install it.

As a result of the town’s new defibrillators, a device which uses an electrical current to stimulate the heart after cardiac arrest, there is a higher chance of survival for residents. Another three defibrillators have been ordered and will benefit the town.

Chard Defib group wanted to thank many of the town’s businesses who had made donations and contributed to the group’s efforts, such as; Eleos Cafe, TP Timber, The Graphic Factory, The Village Bakery, Simply Hair, Foto Finish, The Phoenix Hotel, Avishayes Combe FC, MJ Male Transport, Tesco and Atom Fabs.

There were further personal thanks to; Clive Francis and Kai, Barry Cook and members of Chard public for coming together to support the event.

Many donations had also come from the Millfield area, which include; MJ Male, Atom Fabs, Millfield Cafe, Loaring Development, A&D Engineering, C&D Transport and from Mel Clarke, a physiotherapist at Max Cranage, all totalling £575.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Barry Gibbs, from Chard Rotary Club, said: “The defib machine is installed in the front of Chard Baptist Church ready to give important lifesaving treatment when necessary to people living, working and shopping in the Holyrood Street area. Another machine is on order, also paid for by Chard Rotary Club and will be installed soon.”

Efforts by the group are far from over however, as they wish to install a defibrillator in each location on the Millfield estate. Unfortunately, only half of the groups request have resulted in donations and assistance for the defibs and it is hoped that the other companies will chip in to support the idea.

Clive Adams, from The Chard Defib group, said: “The first defib was unveiled at Chard Rugby Club in memory of Andy Killeen, who was a former Chard community responder”

“Half of the money raised for this defibrillator came from donations from his funeral. The remainder of the money was donated by the first responder department from South West Ambulance Service.”

Over 3,600 people are resuscitated by ambulance staff every year in the South West because of a cardiac arrest.

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