MARCUS Fysh has come under fire amid reports he urged a meeting of Conservative MPs to 'down tools and refuse to vote' over the Prime Minister's Brexit policy. 

In The Sunday Times on July 8, the Yeovil MP was quoted as telling a meeting of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group that Brexiteer MPs should “down tools and refuse to vote”.

He has since responded, saying: "What I said was that I would not be supporting Brexit policy being softened towards us not following our manifesto pledge of leaving the Single Market.

"The people of South Somerset voted to leave the EU and that is what I am working to see happen."

Speaking on the revelation, the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Mick Clark, said: “What this means is that Marcus Fysh is now suggesting that he will not vote on anything in Parliament, because he couldn’t get his own way.

“The constituents in South Somerset need a voice in Parliament now more than ever, fighting for the best possible outcome for our industry, jobs and families.

"What we have instead is the current MP who now refuses to champion the needs of his constituents or give them the voice they deserve.

“This is an insult to residents and businesses in the Yeovil Constituency - Marcus is behaving like an angry toddler, throwing his toys out of the pram.”

But Mr Fysh added: "The Liberal Democrats seek to keep the UK in the EU and I am surprised Mr Clark would choose to draw attention to this undemocratic stance."