SOMERSET pebbles have taken on a jet-setting lifestyle thanks to a new pre-school project.

Sunny Ile Rocks sees children taking school stones and photographing them in different outdoor locations.

Cheryl Herrick, from the preschool, said: “This new activity has proven to be a great success.

"It helps the children explore outside in the fresh air, they are learning through their senses and through movement.

"Outdoors, children’s senses are naturally stimulated through the ever-changing sights, sounds, smells, taste and touch.

"Our rocks have even travelled abroad to Italy, Isle of Skye and one rock has travelled from Hinton St George to Spain. The children look forward to where their stone will end up next.

"We have extended the children’s learning at preschool by using maps, books and technology to learn about the area the stone has travelled to and even learn about their different cultures.

"Sunny Ile invite members of the public to join Sunny Ile Rocks Facebook page and help search and rehide the rocks in lots of different places. We are crossing fingers one may even end up in Australia."