MORE than 50 people who have football banning orders have surrendered their passports ahead of the World Cup in Russia.

It is a condition of a football banning order to hand in their passport - unless they have an exemption - when England have matches overseas.

Under the controls, they are not allowed to travel to England's matches overseas and are also prohibited from travelling abroad, unless they have been given an exemption to travel.

In Avon and Somerset there are 60 people with football banning orders.

Chief inspector John Holt said: “Of those required to hand in their passports, everyone apart from four people have surrendered them by 9am yesterday and we’re trying to contact them.

“They can of course still surrender their passport late and avoid a knock at the door or an awkward visit from us to their work places or their families.”

Failure to surrender the passport can result in the holder being arrested and put before the courts when the term of the FBO can be reviewed.

Police are also reminding people if they are involved in any football-related anti-social behaviour or violence during the World Cup period, they could still receive a football banning order.