A CAT was stuck up a tree for 10 hours as heavy snow battered Somerset.

Residents had been trying to rescue the cat after it was spotted 30ft up a tree in Victoria Park in Bridgwater at 7.30am today (March 1).

Christine Kay from Bridgwater says residents have been using ladders to try and get up the tree and tree surgeons have come to try and get the cat to come down.

“I first saw the cat at about 10.30am, my neighbour came round and told me it was stuck up there,” Christine said.

“When I got there were more than 20 residents were stood around the tree, some were putting up ladders and trying to get the cat to come down.

“The cat was covered in ice and was shivering, I knew I had to do something so I rang the RSPCA.

“It is heart-breaking to see the little cat stuck up there, I want to help it come down.”

Christine says she feared the cat would die if it was not rescued.

“Being an animal lover I can’t see an animal suffer,” Christine said.

“This poor little cat is freezing, I would get a ladder and climb up the tree myself so the fire brigade will come out and bring us down.

“Everyone is trying their best to help the cat but it is really stuck.

“I feel so frustrated, I just want to get it down.”

Thankfully, after an ordeal that lasted just short of 12 hours, the cat was finally saved and brought down from the tree.