REPORTS of rogue traders attempting to ply their unscrupulous trade are often received by police at this time of the year, officers say.

And now Avon and Somerset Police is calling on people across the county to do their bit to combat them.

People have been urged to keep an eye on neighbours, friends and family members as rogue traders tend to target the vulnerable and elderly.

Share this advice from police on how to combat rogue traders:

• It’s your doorstep, your decision. Deal with any unknown and unexpected visitor through a window or use a door chain.

• Check identification – genuine callers expect this and will wait.

• If you’re not sure, don’t open the door and report it by calling 101.

• If you feel threatened or intimidated, call 999 straight away.

• Lock your doors while you’re in your garden or another room.

• Keep cash in the bank, not at home.

• Sign up to utility companies’ password schemes.

Affected by rogue trading? Report it to Trading Standards through the Citizens’ Advice Bureau on 03453 04 05 06.