AVON and Somerset Police are recruiting unpaid volunteers to chauffeur officers around.

The force, which is making cuts totalling several million pounds, says the scheme will relieve "demand and pressures" on frontline police, who will be able to spend more time solving crimes.

The volunteer duties could include delivering and collecting items, transporting officers and their exhibits to and from court, driving them to investigation scenes or picking up medication for people in custody.

But anyone dreaming of speeding around and setting off their blues and twos can forget it - the successful applicants will be at the wheel of unmarked vehicles.

The constabulary is looking to take on six recruits who will carry out at least one ten-hour shift a week for the driver support service.

The job spec says: "Avon and Somerset Police are hoping to replicate a scheme that has been running successfully in Devon and Cornwall Police since 2006.

"We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated team of volunteers who can relieve some of the demand and pressures on our frontline officers by providing a driver support service.

"This may involve delivering and collecting items or transporting police officers and their exhibits to and from court."

Volunteers, who will have access to fully insured vehicles with satnav and a mobile phone, will be in their roles by the spring.

Temporary assistant chief constable Steve Cullen said: "This is all about embracing trusted members of the community who wish to participate in policing and maximising the amount of time officers and staff spend carrying out their core roles.

"Not only does this enable our officers to keep working on mobile devices whilst being driven, but it will ensure that our cars are being used efficiently and not tied up all day for one appointment."

The volunteers will be based at Patchway Police Centre but will be required to cover the whole force area.

Avon and Somerset Police has announced a £12 increase on the average precept it charges council tax payers for the 12 month period starting in April.