THERE is a triple hitter of comedies at the Warehouse Theatre in Ilminster.

They are 'A Light Lunch' by Bridget Derrett; 'Melody' by Deirdre Kinahan and None the Wiser by Anthony Booth.

This is the order I saw them in and for an all encompassing headline I came up with 'Ties, Lies and Bad Habits'.

The first 'A Light Lunch' is a table talk for adults. The spoken and unspoken words resonate loudly.

A couple, Richard and Laura Cartwright, are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary except everything it is not what it seems. The twist is they are getting a divorce.

This is a couple who are drifting apart, moving away from each other while Richard is still in his emotional lifeboat wanting to stay with Laura (Maddie Lowe) while she wants new adventures in Singleville.

Hope for Richard (Peter Schofield) springs eternal and while he might have found 'new love' with Buffy, Laura has found new hope with a young man called Todd.

What we see is a play in which the ties that bind this couple are tearing them apart.

Both characters are well portrayed by Peter Schofield and Maddie Lowe.

Melody is a symphony of deception, lies and misunderstanding.

The lunch time romance which builds between the couple as played by Mick Glynn (William Kane) and Irene Glynn (Kathleen Hill) is one where their secret present is linked to any future happiness.

The romance grows steadily until each others secret is exposed.

The couple are sympathetically played by real life couple Mick and Irene Glynn, which adds something extra to the play.

'None the Wiser' is a comedy caper which reaches by the style of the 1950s/early 1960s comedies like The Wrong Arm of the Law.

It is a case of the crooks being conned by the cons.

A group of Nuns are in a convent but are they nuns? More like shoplifting nuns on the run.

And they are fencing their goods from this property until what they think are two 'real' nuns turn up on their doorstep.

But are they what they seem?

The cast are Lucy Driver, Amanda Cutts, Sian Sainsbury, Cathy Stuckey, Ann Cook, Stella Davies and Helen Wild.

It is a comedy of errors where what you see is not what you get.

All in all you have the chance to watch three short plays for the price of one.

Each play offers something different so there is smorgasbord of comedy capers to enjoy.

You can enjoy this Evening of Comedy from Ilminister Entertainment Society runs from February 7-10.

The first play starts at 7.30pm.

Tickets £10 and £5 child/student.

Buy online at or in person at Harrimans Menswear, Silver Street, Ilminster.