PLANS to build 144 homes on Canal Way in Ilminster have been slammed by residents and Ilminster Town Council.

Persimmon Homes wants planning permission to build 144 homes next to Sunnyvale doctors surgery. 

This is the first full planning application for the land off Canal Way and if it is approved, the estate will be accessed from the same roundabout exit that currently serves the surgery.

Councillors and residents spoke against the project at a planning committee meeting today (February 6) and raised concerns about the information supplied by Persimmon Homes which they claims is out of date. 

Resident Jonathan Allen spoke at the meeting and said he has concerns about the project as some of the documents in the planning application are out of date. 

"This application concerns me, a number of the documents in the planning application are out of date," Mr Allen said. 

"The transport assessment was last updated in 2015, the flood risk assessment was done in 2015, the transport assessment was done in 2016.

"They are saying they are going to redo the roundabout but there have been no plans for the zebra crossing or the roundabout which will be the only access route in and out of the development."

Mr Allen said he would like to see updated assessments before the plans go ahead.

Cllr Val Keitch said: "I do have major concerns about this project. 

"I think a lot of the documents in the planning application are out of date. 

"I also have concerns about the roundabout, there is nothing in the plans or about the level crossings."

Councillors and residents also voiced concerns about flooding, parking, the height of the properties and the ecological impact of the development.

Cllr Tony Walker, said: "At this council our chairman has told us that we cannot talk about what-if's but it seems Persimmon can. 

"I can't see how we can make an assessment on this when we don't have all the information we need. 

"They have promised to provide a bus service for the elderly and a whole host of other things but it's all just what if."

Councillors voted unanimously to recommend the plans for refusal.