AFTER overindulging over the festive period, more people are returning to work on the hunt for the best meal deals.

For anyone feeling cash strapped this January, here are the best supermarket and High Street meal deals. 

Tesco: Tesco’s £3 meal deal is an oldie but goodie. Hungry shoppers can select a sandwich, wrap, salad or pasta and a snack and a drink.

Tesco expanded its range last year with the chicken and bacon sub; chicken, bacon and avocado sandwiches, as well as a wide variety of snacks to choose from.

This includes millionaire’s shortbread, white chocolate cake and caramel cake fingers.

Select any sandwich from the following list, combine it with any snack and add a 500ml drink (remember 330ml cans of coca cola and 500ml bottles of coca cola are both in the £3 meal deal) and its quid’s in.

Tuna and Sweetcorn- £1.80

Beef and horseradish- £2.35

Prawn mayonnaise - £2.20

Chicken, avocado and bacon- £2.35

Free range egg mayonnaise - £1.80

Chicken salad sandwich- £2.45

Coronation chicken- £2.30.

Roast chicken and stuffing- £2.30

Customers who normally wouldn’t dream of splurging out on coconut water, however, should try it in the meal deal.

The best value for money deal we found was: a Tesco deli Meat Feast roll (or any wrap for £2.45), McCoy crisps (85p) and Vita Coco coconut water (£2.59) That’s a £5.89 lunch for three quid.

Morrison's: Next on the list was Morrison’s, Britain’s 4th most-loved supermarket.

The supermarket chain offered a reasonable £2 meal deal where customers can select any hot drink, from cappuccino to hot chocolate and combine it with a bacon sandwich, sausage sandwich or pastry.

But ravenous customers will find the best deals for £3.

The best deal we found was a fish sushi main, (£3) a bag of Go Go snack bites (£1.50) and an Innocent smoothie (£2.30) That would cost a staggering £6.80 on its own.

For the less adventurous customer, swap the sushi main for a Katsu chicken pouch (£2.70).

Wilko Wilko’s, well known for its affordable homeware range, ranked surprisingly poor on our look out for the best meal deals.

Wilko’s currently does not offer any sandwich, snack and drink meal deal unlike its competitors.

Instead, customers will need to hunt each item individually if they want to snap up a bargain.

An affordable option would be a £1 sandwich (cheese and onion, cheese and tomato or ham sandwich), Pom bear crisps (35p) and a can of Pepsi Max (40p.) At £1.75 though, it’s cheaper than any of the meal deals.

Asda: Disappointedly, Asda, known for its affordable own brand products, offered no lunchtime meal deals.

The supermarket did offer plenty of cheap options though, particularly for sandwiches and crisps.

An Oak smoked ham Sandwich (£1.10), a packet of Walkers Thai sweet chilli crisps (£0.50) and a bottle of water (£0.50) is cheap as chips at £2.09.

Boots Workers were left unimpressed last October when Boots upped the price of its meal deals to £3.99 in it’s central London and Airport stores. But outside of these areas, the cost of a sandwich, snack and drink has remained a steady £3.39.

This is good news for customers who like a wide range of options to choose from. Boots customers can choose from wraps, burritos, pasta, sushi and salads for the main and can even choose a veggie pot, sausage rolls or boiled eggs as a snack.

The best deal we found was a cheese ploughman’s sandwich (£3.15), a naked acai smoothie (£2.50) and a coconut yoghurt (£1.50). That’s a £3.76 saving.

M&S: The upmarket supermarket might not be the first choice for the cash conscious customer. But don’t be fooled.

M &S, which reduced the price of its meal deals from £4 to £3.50 last summer, has a wide range to choose from.

It also provides some gluten free options.

The best deals may take some searching, as some M&S stores put their meal deal sandwiches in the middle of their more expensive options.

But look carefully for the meal deal stickers and there are some good savings to be made.

A coconut chicken and mango sunshine wrap (£3.30), a pineapple, melon and grape snack (£1.30) and 500ml bottle of coca cola (£1.30) would be £5.95 if bought individually.

M&S aren’t the most affordable, but a £2.40 saving is nothing to be sniffed at.

The winner - The most affordable options are to be found at Wilko and Asda stores respectively.

But if you really want a meal deal, we found the place to get more bang for your buck is Morrisons.

If workers look carefully enough, they can get a £3 meal for what would have cost £3.80 more.

Boots comes a close second with a saving of £3.76 to be had.