WELL what a day and night!

By around 3am, all results for the Somerset County Council elections were in, and there were plenty of surprises to keep those of you still awake... awake.

A recount, a total wipeout for UKIP and two seats for the Green Party were just part of the fun.

Perhaps the biggest shock of the night was council leader - Conservative John Osman - losing his seat to Liberal Democrat's Tessa Munt, the former MP for Wells.

Overall, the Conservatives increased their majority, but that didn't mean there weren't some shocking results along the way.

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Here's how the council looks now: 

  • Conservatives 35 (+4)
  • Liberal Democrats 12 (-2)
  • Labour 3 (-)
  • Independent Group 3 (+1)
  • Green Party 2 (+2)
  • UK Independence Party 0 (-3)

The Conservative Group has an overall majority of 15 seats.

So what happens now?

Following the election, the successful candidates officially take up office on May 8, which is the same day that the existing councillors officially stand down from their roles.  

The Full Council Annual General Meeting, on May 24, will appoint the chairman and vice-chairman of the council, the leader and the membership of the various council committees.

As the current Leader has not been re-elected, the current deputy leader, Councillor David Hall, will assume the responsibilities of the leader until the May 24 meeting.

What happened where?

Bishop's Hull and Taunton West

This seat was formerly held by Liberal Democrat Justine Clayton, she didn't stand this time round.

Independent candidate John Hunt won with 1,147 votes.

Blackdown and Neroche

Formerly held by Lib Dem's Ross Henley.

He lost out to John Thorne from the Conservatives, who had 1,556 votes.

Blackmoor and Vale

Conservative William Wallace managed to hold on to his seat with 1,905 votes.


The Conservatives managed to hold on to this seat with Bob Filmer getting 1,917 votes.

Bridgwater East and Bawdrip

Conservative David Hall managed to hold on to his seat with 1,337 votes.

Bridgwater North and Central

Labour's David Loveridge kept hold of his seat with 593 votes.

Bridgwater South

As did Leigh Redman with 954 votes.

Bridgwater West

Ann Bown remains Conservative councillor for the area, with 1,289 votes.


A loss for the Lb Dems here, the winner was Josh Williams from the Conservative party with 1,021 votes.

Burnham-on-Sea North

Peter Burridge-Clayton kept his seat for the Conservatives with 1,485 votes.


Another victory for the Conservatives, Mike Caswell had 1,737 votes.

Castle Cary

Conservative Mike Lewis held on to his seat with 2,062 votes.

Chard North

Amanda Broom for the Lib Dem's took the seat away from UKIP with 1,445 votes.

Chard South

The Lib Dems lost this seat to Conservative Gemma Verdon who had 756 votes.


Nigel Taylor kept this seat for the Conservatives with 1,395 votes.


Mark Keating, Conservative kept this seat for the party (it was previously held by Marcus Fysh who was South Somerset's MP until this week) with 1,885 votes.

Comeytrowe and Trull

Liberal Democrat Alan Wedderkopp held on to his seat with 1,790 votes.


Another victory for the Lib Dems, Mike Best managed to keep their Crewkerne seat with 1,364 votes.

Curry Rivel and Langport

Clare Aparicio-Paul held this seat for the Conservatives with 1,801 votes.

Dulverton and Exmoor

Frances Nicholson kept her seat as a Conservative councillor for this ward with 2,234 votes.


As did fellow Conservative Christine Lawrence with 1,470 votes.

Frome East

Formerly held by the Liberal Democrats, Martin Dimery secured a stunning victory for the Green Party with 983 votes.

Frome North

Linda Oliver kept her seat for the Conservatives. (At the time of writing, we did not have how many votes she had).

Frome West

Another victory for the Greens here. John Clarke took the seat from former Independent cllr Derek Tanswell with 987 votes.

Glastonbury and Street

Two cllrs elected here, Terry Napper held on to his seat for the Conservatives with 2,573 votes and Liz Leyshon also kept a Lib Dem seat with 2,272 votes.

Highbridge and Burnham South

Conservative John Woodman kept his seat, with 1,065 votes.


As did fellow Conservative Mark Healey with 1,810 votes.


Conservative Linda Vijeh kept her seat with 1,736 votes.

King Alfred

As did fellow Conservative, David Huxtable with 1,744 votes.


Independent cllr Mike Rigby gained another four years with 1,356 votes.


Neil Bloomfield took this previously held Lib Dem seat for the Conservatives with 2,075 votes.

Mendip Central and East

Conservative cllr Philip Ham held on to his seat with 1,730 votes.

Mendip Hills

Another win for the Conservatives with Mike Pullin getting 1,626 votes.

Mendip South

Nigel Hewitt-Cooper kept this seat for the Conservatives with 1,801 votes.

Mendip West

Graham Noel kept his seat for the Conservatives with 1,666 votes.


UKIP's Terry Venner lost his seat to Conservative Mandy Chilcott, who had 1,290 votes.

Monkton and North Curry

Conservative David Fothergill keeps his seat with 2,254 votes.

North Petherton

Lib Dem Bill Revans took this seat from the Conservatives with 1,435 votes.

Rowbarton and Staplegrove

A former Lib Dem seat, Rod Williams snapped this ward up with 1125 votes for the Conservative candidate.

Shepton Mallett

John Parham stays as Conservative cllr with 1,253 votes.


As does fellow Conservative Dean Ruddle with 2,340 votes.

South Petherton

Conservative Christopher Le Hardy lost this ward to the Lib Dem's Adam Dance who had 2,303 votes.

Taunton East

Lib Dem's Simon Coles will represent the people for another four years, with 869 votes.

Taunton North

Giuseppe Fraschini keeps this ward for the Conservatives with 693 votes.

Taunton South

Hazel Prior-Sankey for the Lib Dems kept hold of her seat with 1,564 votes.

Upper Tone

Conservative James Hunt will represent the people once more after securing 1,574 votes.

Watchet and Stogursey

Hugh Davies also kept his place on the council as an Independent with 1,423 votes.


As does Andrew Govier for the Labour Party - he had 1,704 votes.


John Osman, former leader of the council and Conservative, was beaten by Lib Dem Tessa Munt.

Wincanton and Bruton

Anna Groskop holds her Conservative seat with 2,096 votes.

Yeovil Central

Andy Kendall took the former UKIP ward for the Lib Dems with 1,033 votes.

Yeovil East

Lib Dem Tony Lock keeps his ward with 1,063 votes.

Yeovil South

Faye Purbick won this former Independently held ward for the Conservatives with 1,288 votes.

Yeovil West

Lib Dem Jane Lock kept her seat with 877.

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