A SOUTH Somerset playgroup has warned it is in danger of closing down.

Isle Abbotts Playgroup, which is north of Ilminster, is struggling to find enough children for them to stay open, and is the only remaining feeder playgroup for nearby primary school Curry Mallett.

This is after the closure of Curry Mallett’s other feeder playgroup, which was based in Fivehead.

Sarah Daw, secretary of Isle Abbotts Playgroup, said: “I went there myself and my parents went there as well. Suddenly we just haven’t been able to get the numbers in.

“We have five children at the moment, but the most we have on any one day is four.

"Suddenly we are struggling, suddenly the costs are not viable.

“It is one of the downsides to living in such a rural area. The people running it have been there sixteen years.”

The playgroup is open in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week, and currently has two members of staff.

Christine and Anne, have been running the playgroup for a combined time of more than 30 years.

Sarah added: “There was a playgroup in Fivehead that closed down, and there are no other feeder playgroups into Curry Mallet School.

“It is important for children to get that experience before going to school.

“Curry Mallet as well is quite a rural school so with no other feeder this could be quite bad for them.”

The next nearest playgroups are in Barrington and Hambridge, which are both around four miles and 5.5 miles away respectively.

However, neither of these work as feeder playgroups for Curry Mallett school.

A spokesman for the playgroup, added: “Isle Abbotts Playgroup would like to make people aware that our long established and rural playgroup is sadly facing closure due to a number of children having reached school age and a lack of younger children joining.

“We sincerely hope that this can be avoided and would ask that anyone who has children of pre-school age or those with family and friends with young children to consider our small, friendly playgroup which provides a fun and stimulating environment for children aged two to four years.

“We are just 10 minutes from Ilminster in a quiet location which benefits from an enclosed rear garden area overlooking farmland, and we have an OFSTED rating of Good.

“If you or anyone you know may be interested in having a look around the Playgroup, please do not hesitate to contact Christine on 07908 366 556 / 01460 68279 or alternatively contact us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IsleAbbottsPlaygroup.”