OVERGROWN reeds and shrubbery at a popular recreation space in Chard could be putting lives at risk, it has been claimed.

Jason Baker, who runs the Choughs Pub in High Street, said it was extremely difficult to see the boundary between Minnow’s Pond, near Sainsbury’s on Holyrood Street, and the grassed path around the edge of the water due to the thick foliage.

He is concerned young children or adults could fall in if they walk too close.

He told the News: “It would be difficult for a child to see the edge of the water – I had to tread carefully to find the edge.

“I feel this area has become a risky area for people and should be brought to the attention of the public.“ It is extremely overgrown and the edge of the water is no longer visible.”

Mr Baker said a lack of maintenance at the site had caused deterioration over time.

He added: “This will only get worse, if a child or anyone was to walk around the pond they may not be able to see the edge and could easily walk into the water thinking they are still on the grass.

“This is extremely dangerous as you would struggle to pull a child out once they had fallen in.”

South Somerset District Council manages the pond and a spokesperson said: “Weed growth in the pond appears to have been unusually vigorous this year but the good news is that we will have a team on site by the end of the week to remove half of the weed growth.

“We also have plans to improve the landscaping around the pond this winter, which we hope locals will enjoy.”