A CHARD woman will be reunited with her long-lost sister thanks to a family history website.

Mary Cross, 73, was evacuated from her home in Norfolk in 1941 and never met her family again after being taken in by a foster family.

Once she got the internet three years ago, she decided to use History Angels, which researches family history to try and reunite people, and last week she received some good news.

She said: “I can’t believe it – they called me up and said I needed to sit down.

“They said you’ve got a sister called Carol, she’s living in Ireland and she wants to meet you.

“I do not think I’ve come to terms with it yet – it is a right shock and I think I cried for half an hour.

“I just keep waking up and thinking ‘I’ve got a sister’.”

Mrs Cross, who has three sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren, hopes to meet her sister in the near future.