A MAN who turned his life around after struggling with drug and alcohol problems has written a book about his experiences.

Dave Urwin, 32, from Broadway, has become a regular long-distance runner since having a breakdown in 2003 and now has written ‘Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run’ about his story.

He said: “A big part of the breakdown was the drug and alcohol problem. I was not living a healthy life for a few years and eventually it caught up with me.

“It all came from never feeling like I fitted in, so I became a crowd pleaser when I realised people found it entertaining when I was drunk. I was almost playing a character.”

This all came to a head when the former Holyrood Academy student had a breakdown while he was studying creative writing at university in Bath.

He could not walk down the road from his front door without having a panic attack but ten years later he was lining up at the start of a 100-mile ultramarathon.

He became involved with mental health charity MIND about five years ago, which was when he last had a drink or took any illegal drugs.

Dave, who is now training to be a counsellor, added: “I want to show that anyone who can run can run an ultramarathon if they want it enough. I just proved it can be done, no matter how unhealthy you were in the past.

“Hopefully I can use the experiences I have had in the past and turn it into something positive.

“There were a few years where I just couldn’t give an account of what I had done but now I have managed to channel my addictive personality into a positive activity.

“It has been very cathartic to write the book.”

Anyone who would like to buy a copy of the book can contact Dave via www.facebook.com/everythingwillworkoutinthelongrun or djmixjagger@hotmail.com