PUPILS at Neroche Primary School are disgusted at an increase in dog mess problems in Broadway.

Cllr Linda Vijeh, who represents the area on South Somer-set District Council, said she rec-eived several calls from worried parents about piles of dog poo left by unscrupulous pooch owners in the village.

She and PCSO John Martin have asked the council if enforcement officers can carry out regular patrols to catch the culprits.

Cllr Vijeh said: “This is anti-social and inconsiderate to others who live in the village.

“While most dog owners behave responsibly there are the few who make life a misery for others.

“Such is the feeling of anger local Broadway residents, those living at Standerwick Orchard have taken to marking the spot where owners have failed to pick up their dog’s mess with sticks.”

Anyone who sees a dog owner allowing their dog to foul without picking it up is urged to take down details of the breed and a description of the owner, and pass it to the district council so fines can be issued.

Cllr Vijeh said: “On at least one occasion this week a parent had to return home to clean up her child when they slipped on poo and got covered in it.

“Pupils at Neroche have been disgusted and hope all dog owners will start picking up the mess left behind by their animals.”

The council has urged dog owners to act responsibly or face a fine.

For further information or to report problems call the council on 01935-462462.