I HAVE a lot to be thankful for and I have a lot of people to thank. 

Thank you to the kindness and friendship extended to me as I walked for mile after mile around the Lydeard Division, introducing myself and talking about how I wanted to serve you as your county councillor.

Thank you to the many who offered me a cup of tea, thank you to those who listened patiently and took my information to read, thank you for the honesty of the few who handed it back to me. 

Thank you for the Cothelstone lemon drizzle cake and the Bishops Lydeard Chinese takeaway.

Many people said they had not seen a candidate on their doorstep in years! 

Some said they had never voted, which is a real shame. 

Thank you to all of the people that did vote. 

Thank you to the man in Ash Priors for showing me around his garden. 

Thank you to the man in jodhpurs for delivering up that long track for me.

Thank you to the many who encouraged me to keep going, especially in the rain. 

Apologies to the guy in Cotford St Luke who works nights that I woke up one morning. 

Thank you to the lady in Norton Fitzwarren who said she liked me better in my jeans than in a suite!

Thank you to the lady in Bishops Lydeard that talked to me about my mum and the family roots in the area. 

Thank you to the dog in Tolland that chewed my leaflet but missed my fingers.

Thank you for the mini lectures from the passionate people with particular views. Thank you for listening to mine in return.

Thank you to the other candidates for standing up and being counted.

Special thanks for those who did vote for me your vote counted, and for those that didn’t vote for me, there is always next time.

Conservative Candidate
Lydeard Division