A POLITICAL party has come under-fire after placing a promotional placard in a cemetery in Taunton.

A Liberal Democrat board was spotted in the cemetery on Wellington Road, facing inwards on a fence.

The move has now been dubbed disrespectful for placing a political advertisement in a “sacred space” in the run up to the county council elections that are set to take place on May 4.

Robert Bowrah, who spotted the poster, said: “How low can they go? The Liberal Democrats in Taunton Deane, have now achieved a new low by putting up a political billboard in Wellington Road Cemetery. This is Taunton Deane land and is sacred ground.

“If I had relatives buried in this cemetery I would be most upset at this disrespect to the deceased.”

The cemetery is owned by Taunton Deane Borough Council, who said permission had not been given for any party to put up placards.

A spokesman said: “It is important that the council remains impartial during elections and referenda. For this reason, the council will not give candidates and parties permission to display their campaign material on land or buildings owned by the authority.”

The Liberal Democrats in Taunton have since apologised for their “overzealous” volunteer who put up the sign and say it has been moved.

A spokesman for the party said: “We are being overwhelmed by the desire to put Lib Dems boards and posters up around Taunton in the run up to the county elections.

“Unfortunately one overzealous volunteer put up the sign in a position which inadvertently looked on the graveyard.

“The moment the office was alerted we moved the sign to a different location so not to any cause further offence.

“We apologies if any offence was caused as a cemetery is a sacred place and not one for political advertisement.”