THE show, a fantasy, marked the National Year of Reading and echoed an earlier play by Ayckbourn for younger people – Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations – with the same elements of fantasy emerging from a child’s imagination.

The piece is basically a two-hander between Kevin, an avid reader – whose Philistine father insists he reads too much – and Kevin’s fictional hero, Rockfist Slim.

Daniel Fowler and Marck Pearlstone worked superbly as a team – Daniel skilfully included innocence and knowingness in his performance, with an excellent sense of comic timing.

A highly-experienced and generous actor, Marck developed Rockfist from a Marlowesqe stereotype to a well-rounded character really well, his ego being constantly punctured by Kevin.

The cast were very successful at their multi-role playing, especially Bryony Halstock’s stressed-out Red Riding Hood and the very funny Mick Glynn as Grandmother/Wolf.

Matt Haines was unfortunately not able to perform – but his understudy played four roles, one being a scary headless ghost!

Final congratulations though for the dynamic duo. They had a lot to do and kept the audience interested and entertained throughout.