WITH their Eurodisco sound and daring attire, “Daddy Cool” pop group BONEY M were one of the biggest hits of the '70s.

This year, Watchet Live music festival is welcoming original member MAIZIE WILLIAMS and her Boney M line-up to its main stage on Sunday August 24.

Entertainment reporter DAISY BLACKLOCK chatted to Maizie to find out more.

Hi Maizie! So Boney M is headed on tour to Australia this summer - combined with Watchet, 2014's shaping up to be a good year...

“We're feeling good, it's a blessing when you are able to stay busy, because things are so up and down, so we're privileged.

“We're looking forward to the scenery and the people of Watchet, and having a good time.”

You were a model in Birmingham before you were 'spotted' for Boney M. Is that what you would've been doing if the group hadn't happened?

“Modelling actually got me further into the business. I just wanted to do something in the entertainment business, whether it was acting, dancing, singing, whatever. Acting was actually the first thing that came to mind as a young girl.

“Once I started at modelling school I began meeting a lot of people in the industry and that led onto other things.”

What was it like starting out in the '70s?

“It was a lot of hard work. When you're young, vibrant, and full of energy and just enjoying doing what you've always wanted to do, it's good.

"It was all part of what we wanted to achieve, and it was a wonderful time.

“The '70s for me was one of the best times for music. I'm glad I was from that time.

“We actually toured a lot before we even had the first single out, selling out the major night clubs. Because of that, we had all the major agencies and promoters booking us for concerts and shows.

“We were doing very well touring from one end of the country to the next.”

You became known as a group, for your 'daring' stage costumes...

“It was all part of it. When you've got music, got melody, got looks, got songs that everyone can sing along with, you've got to have the image on stage.

“And that was the '70s anyway; it worked well for us.”

What was it like fronting Boney M now, having initially never sung on the records?

“It's just about going out there and doing what I do.

"It's how I make my living, and that's all I know. I made my mark as one of the original members of Boney M, was the first member, then I brought them in.

"I'm happy doing it and I enjoy it still. It's a pleasure knowing the fans are still out there.”

A lot of youngsters are probably most familiar with BM's Christmas song, 'Mary's Boy Child - Oh My Lord': what do you think about the song?

“As a record it was so special to us, and it's still up to date when it comes on every Christmas. It was one of the most-played songs for Boney M.

“When we did it I think we changed the sound and made it disco as well; very commercial and pop-ish so everyone could relate to it and enjoy it.”

DAY tickets for Watchet Live, August 22-24, cost £20 (adults), £17 (13-15 year-olds) and £60 for families (2 adults, 2 youngsters). Weekend tickets, with or without camping, are available. Visit www.watchetfestival.co.uk to book and for line-up.