RICHARD Jones (Brosnan) and his ex-wife Kate (Thompson) are crippled by loneliness as they lead unfulfilling separate lives.

He is poised to retire to the golf course with best friend Jerry (Timothy Spall) while she reluctantly agrees to blind dates organised by Jerry’s well-meaning wife, Penelope (Celia Imrie). “Taking your laptop into the |garden is not ‘getting out there’” Penelope reminds Kate.

Shortly after the couple’s daughter Sophie (Tuppence Middleton) flies the nest for university, Machiavellian French businessman Vincent Kruger (Laurent Lafitte) |plunders the pension fund of Richard’s company, leaving the Joneses on the brink of |financial ruin.

A trip to Paris to confront Kruger ends badly so Kate |suggests they steal the hulking diamond necklace, which Kruger’s unsuspecting fiancee (Louise Bourgoin) is set to wear on their wedding day.