A WRITER from Ilminster is publishing a mind-bending apocalyptic novel about the end of mankind.

Author Peter Hall has launched online novel Omega 2060, a work that ‘starts in the Middle Ages and ends in the 21st Century with the end of mankind’.

Hall’s latest work is inspired by the notion that ‘we humans are eating the planet alive’ with an out-of-control global population and plummeting stocks of non-renewable natural resources.

He told the News: “Two things sparked my interest. Twenty or 30 years ago scientists all over the world began banging on about climate change and then, more latterly, uncontrolled population growth was added to the mix.”

Pope John Paul II’s 1986 announcement that he wanted to prepare all Catholics for the end of the world and that it would take place in the 21st Century, is also a source for inspiration.

Omega 2060 is being issued chapter-by-chapter as a free internet read, with one chapter published every week. Visit peterhaullauthor.wordpress.com