IN this fast-paced, technology-filled age it is too easy to be distracted by the constant beep of smart phones, Facebook feeds and Twitter chatter.

One Chard author hopes her first book will help people who find it hard to switch off rediscover what matters.

Forgetful Heart: Remembering God in A Distracted World, is the work of 34-year-old Christian author Lucy Mills.

Looking at the role of memory in the Christian faith, it suggests that to remember God is not just about knowing things, it is about how we live.

Lucy told the News: “The inspiration came from the fact that I’m terribly forgetful, basically.

“Whether it’s the little things or the big things, it’s about remembering everything – the people, memories, experiences – that make up our lives and who we are.”

She added: “I think it’s about learning about yourself and how you react to things, and redressing a balance between constantly being ‘switched on’ to all the digital devices and gadgets we have, and being able to switch off.

“I know some people are very disciplined and can just turn off but for others it’s much more difficult.”

Lucy, born and brought up in North Devon, studied at London School of Theology. She married Andy, who is now a Baptist minister in Chard.

Forgetful Heart is published on Monday – and a free, informal talk and launch is set for Thursday, May 1, at Chard Baptist Church at 7.30pm.

Copies of the book, published by Darton, Longman and Todd, will be available at £9. Each book comes with a free postcard and prayer to prompt a daily remembering of God.