THIS was one of the best pantos I have seen for a while.

The direction and stage management (on a postage stamp stage) was slick, smooth and imaginative, and the humour and warmth towards the audience was evident from the outset.

Bob Dunn’s comic timing and his dame’s relationship with the audience was pretty faultless.

Dave Goodall’s Muddles was a pleasantly bumbling Baldrick character, and comedy duo Fetch and Carry (Helen Rose and Becky Orchard) never missed an opportunity for a gag.

I was also impressed with Kelly Boyland as the Prince – she had told me earlier she was uncertain as she wasn’t as experienced as the others in the show, but judging by her performance she caught up fast!

Abi Cousins got Princess Rose exactly right – half bratty teen, half romantic heroine – while Maggy Goodall’s ‘Edwina Currie’ was very scary as the witch and held the stage well – I was moved by her later conversion, so there’s hope for us all, even Edwina!

Nanette and Martin Wale were suitably portentous as the king and queen, and well done, Maggie Griffiths, for the multi-role playing.

The show was very colourful, and the younger cast members threw themselves into it without a trace of self-consciousness.

The choreography was imaginative for the space and the costumes in particular looked excellent.

There were so many good moments in the show that they are difficult to isolate.

Congratulations to Ros Roderigo for a hugely creative and imaginative version.