THE enthusiasm and experience of Chard Amateur Theatre Society (CATS) once again made for a very lively show.

The many characters brought various talents to the piece.

Grant Davies played a very camp King Hector, who sounded as if he had had voice coaching from Boris Johnson!

Steve Warwick was a very uninhibited and larger than life dame, and Mandy Cameron-Taylor played the wicked Queen Eldread with great stage presence and imaginative use of voice and gesture.

Jenny Kenton played Wot, the host, very energetically, dominating the stage and engaging in off-piste banter with the audience. I wonder if she is like this in her council meetings as mayor!

The smaller roles, especially the Gnomes, had a great deal of charm.

Set pieces such as the mirror device and the skeletal UV dance worked well. As this was a first night, there were a few glitches, but I’m sure they were ironed out for the rest of the run.

The technical aspects, both sound and lights, were very competent and imaginative.

Much bling could be seen in the front row and the Chard ‘officials’ sportingly graced the stage to bring the show to a satisfying close.