MELODIC drone-folk ensemble Blowzabella are warming up to celebrate 35 year of success on the AngloEuropean traditional dance music scene in South Petherton this Thursday (October 10).

Armed with two sets of bagpipes, a hurdy-gurdy and a diatonic button accordion, the eclectic eight-piece has left a trail of inspired audiences from Glastonbury Festival to the Far East in their wake.

In a further treat for fans, Blowzabella will be releasing new album Strange News on the night of their David Hall concert.

The album, recorded in England and France, showcases Blowzabella’s flair for using folk and drone instruments to remake traditional tunes for contemporary audiences.

It marks a return to their roots, while looking towards a more contemporary approach to interpreting traditional folk music.

The combination of hurdygurdy and bagpipes is a failsafe of the European drone music – where a melody is played to contrast a constant ‘droning’ note – but it will be a fresh spectacle for many at the David Hall.

To preview tracks from the album visit The dance gig starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £15 – to book call 01460-240340 or visit the venue’s website,