THE match started well with Edward Earl attacking from the outset to pass a cracking ball to Aaron John who gave a great run but was thwarted by a determined Wells side.

Harry Hoare gave another stunning performance this week with some fantastic tackling and supportive play.

With Wells keeping up the pressure Chard played with commitment and fire in their bellies, but with half time approaching Chard just couldn't get themselves to the try line.

The second-half continued with Chards enthusiasm and Ryan Saysell and Chrissy Cropper gave some great tackles and passes to Roy Wickham who just couldn't quite get forward, but also played an outstanding game.

Aaron John managed to push Chard forward and gave a powerful run to result in Chards first try of the match.

With Wells relentless pressure Chard never gave up and Finn Clampett took advantage of a dropped ball to sneak through the opposition to produce a cracking try, delighting the crowds!

Edward Earl tried to make the most of several passes to Michael Bowditch, but luck was against them and even with Tom Scamells dedication Chard ended up losing 9-2.

Player-of-the-week was Aaron John.