THE final game of the season for the Chard Sunday Ladies was a fun get-together with a like-minded team from the Ash and Norton area - Jolly Hockey Sticks Ladies - which finished 9-0 to Chard.

Both teams had squads of 15 and there was plenty of promise on both sides.

Chard used their match experience to their advantage and were 5-0 up at half-time with goals from Charlotte Mooney (three), Ros Clemmans (one) and Emma Wyatt (one).

The second-half continued in a similar vein and two more goals each from Mooney and Clemmans took Chards tally to a match winning nine.

Thanks go to Chris Long and Vince Sharpe for umpiring.

Team: Charlie Carver-Bale, Emma Wyatt, Emma and Vanessa Cridland, Sue Stoker, Tess and Bridget Burrows, Sasha and Mishap Taylor, Abbi Wheaton, Lydia Harris, Lou Bentley ,Isobel Harding, Ros Clemmans and Charlotte Mooney.