CHARD B beat Isca E 6-1 in South East 3 of the Davis Wood league.

Isca, sitting in fourth place lived up to their reputation as a strong, defensive and experienced team.

Despite Chard’s possession the visitors held out well and nullified any advances.

Chard’s progress was also hampered by their own inadequacies including poor passing accuracy.

However Steve Dare converted the first penalty corner to settled the nerves and Chard managed to score another before the break as Duncan Lewis latched onto a back pass.

The second half again started slowly but as the Isca team were pushed back in defence more chances opened up.

Nick Parkinson made a fine run and shot only to see it poached on the line by Arthur Critchely.

The attack moved into full swing and a good run pulled the defence and Nathan Johnson dispatched into a empty goal.

Good running by James Float and John Reader troubled the defence and two further goals were scored by Lewis as Chard’s quick passing found him space.

Isca grabbed a consolation goal as a quick hit from defence found two forwards in space.

Chard: Bailey, Mooney (K), Johnson (G), Liggins, Mooney (I), Parkinson, Johnson (N), Reader, Lewis, Critchely, Float, Cheffey, Dare.