CHARD underlined their progress in a higher division this season with a tremendous 3-2 win at Bridgwater ladies 2nds in Sedgemoor Division 1.

Chard started strongly with excellent plays down the field and it looked only a matter of time before their first goal came.

However Bridgwater’s defence and keeper worked hard and Chard were denied all of their initial chances.

A short corner gave Bridgwater their first chance of the game and they took it with both hands.

Chard were quick to fight back and Maya Preston levelled to leave the score 1-1 at half time. Chard were energised by the break and demonstrated that excellent team play and simple passes really pay off.

The ball travelled from Lou Wrightson in defence via Amy Goss, captain Hannah McGown and Maya Preston to Ruth Butcher in the D who converted her first goal of the game.

Shortly after Butcher claimed her second after a well-delivered pass. Rachel Ireland-Jones made some excellent plays down the centre but Bridgwater kept the score to 3-1.

Despite some excellent defending and keeping from the Chard back five Bridgwater managed to break through with a second goal. Chard: Hannah McGown (Capt), Anna Dewick, Kayley Gollop, Lou Wrightson, Lorraine Szczepanski, Becky Black, Emma Cridland, Amy Goss, Hannah Billing, Rachel Ireland-Jones, Maya Preston, Ellie Seward, Ruth Butcher & Michelle Allen. Player of the Match: Lou Wrightson and Maya Preston.