KATE Dykes made a welcome return to the Chard Ladies midfield; passing and supporting well to give Chard the foundations on which to build numerous attacks.

Grace Williams was especially well placed to make several charges down the left wing in the first half.

It was another case of missed opportunity though as Chard failed to convert multiple short corners into goals.

This was to be true in the second half particularly, as Chard failed to make the most of a rebounded shot off the goalkeeper and a powerful strike from Sarah McDermott travelled just wide of the target.

Chard were able to keep their composure after one Cheddar goal, but struggled to regain control after conceding a penalty flick in the second half. Goalie Anna Dewick was on top form, dismissing several shots in quick succession with stick, glove and feet.

Despite the Chard defence demonstrating a great deal of skill in seeing off a sudden stream of short corners against them, a third goal from Cheddar finally secured their win.

Player of the Match: Anna Dewick. Match sponsor: Brecknell Willis and Co Ltd. Chard: Grace Williams, Sarah McDermott, Natalie Wainwright, Jodie Wright, Kate Dykes, EJ Sterland (c), Lou Wrightston, Lorraine Szczepanski, Katy Jones, Keira Pound, Kayley Gollop and Anna Dewick.