THERE were more surprises this week in the Milford and Dormor Afternoon Triples League played at Chard Bowling Club.

The first draw of the season happened last week and there were two more draws this week. The league leaders, East Coker A could only manage a draw when they played the Magpies in a very tightly fought game with the end result being 15 shots to each team.

Somerset Six played Westway and again each shot was keen contested resulting in 10 shots each being the final score.

The Canaries met the Hurricanes this week. After a tentative start for both teams the Hurricanes stormed ahead winning a 'hot shot' at one end - the maximum number of shots achievable – and the final score was Canaries 8 shots, Hurricanes 22 shots.

This brought an end to the Canaries winning spell, when they thought they were on a roll!

During this coming week the Short Mat players will pay their last respects to Audrey Smith, a short mat bowler for many years, who recently passed away.