LAST weekend was a quiet one for Chard Road Runners, and they waited for the rain to start before heading off to Bridgwater for the half marathon and 10k races.

Wayne Loveridge was CRR’s sole representative in the half marathon, a fast going 13.1mile race with over 290 runners heading along the streets of Bridgwater.

With the rain making its presence felt it was going to be a challenging event, with the going slippery on corners, but Wayne was fast off the line and soon pushing the top ten runners. 

The rain started to ease a little which suited Wayne, who was now pushing into the top five, and the bit was truly in his teeth as he could see the front runners flagging.

With a push at mile 10 Wayne was now into second spot, which he was able to maintain to the finish line crossing in 1h 14m 34s.

The next race again had just the single entry from CRR’s in the Bridgwater 10k, as Gary Wheaton was out for this flattish race with over a 160 runners taking part. 

Setting off at a steady pace to allow the field to stretch, Gary then started to pick off places as the race was getting to its halfway stage.

Gary was feeling good as the cooler weather suited him, and it was now a case of head-down running into the finish.

With a last push, Gary picked off a few more places to cross the line in a time of 58m 59s.